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Tezuka products are reliable yet durable and it is manufacturing on
high tech manufacturing process.

Also, each manufacturing team member are very experienced so that their knowledge and technique lead to success to manufacture high standard products.

Welding process






Tezuka corporation is able to manufacture a wide range of recycling machines that are necessary to process industrial waste.

Machines are designed and manufactured in consideration of toughness and maintainability, and those are highly reliable and durable, hence customers are able to use them for a long time with maintenance.

We mainly are manufacturing “scrap shears” that can quickly compress and cut industrial waste, generated during construction, and boast a track record of being introduced to many numbers of metal manufacturers and industrial waste disposal companies.

We are capable of manufacturing reasonably but high-quality products by designing our own standards precisely, and outsourcing to overseas factories, following customer’s request.

Compact Shear

Ordinary scrap shear moves down vertical direction to cut iron scrap, the compact shear slides horizontal to cut the material.
As the material falls its own weight and moves to the cutting section, no feeder is required, and the cutting process can be performed one after another just by putting the material into the hopper.
Each unit is compact, so it is suitable for use in a limited yard space.

New Wide Shear

New Wide Shear is a cutting-edge machine that thoroughly pursues a new technique of scrap processing machine.
A power unit is compact, the adoption of a logic system performs a high-speed operation without shock.
In addition, sensors are installed in the main parts of the machine so that you can expect less unwilling error occurs.

A one-man control system allows you to use this machine by yourself with a remote control machine that is really helpful. 


Scrap Bearing Press

All products are not only installed high-performance systems but also cost and energy efficiency are being considered, hence they are manufactured for the purpose of both symbiosis and harmony with nature at the same time.


Scrap Shear

Compress and cut powerful for building waste, shipboard waste etc. Work efficiency improved with one-man control!

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