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With 20 years of certain trust and achievements since we have established.

Tezuka has been having queries about recycling machines from all over Japan.
We have been having many queries from the business owner, we had been involved in the development and manufacturing of machines that meet their needs following their requests with faithfully.

In addition, our professional service technicians have responded to various large and small cases, such are regular maintenance, repair of unexpected trouble, failures, hydraulic equipment and cylinders, liner plates, and overhaul with high skill.
We would like to introduce our case study and examples of repair and overhaul.



Since Tezuka has established, we have been researching and developing various types of industrial waste processing machines, such are metal scrap, to meet the diverse needs of customers so that we have many accomplishments track record of our business owners.

We deliver not only durable and economical, convenient and functional, flexible after sales follow up when it`s under trouble but also we will do our best to provide as above support to let our client can keep using good machines for long.

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