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We have established a sophisticated recycling system that circulation-type engineering, hydraulic technology, anti-static material technology that is integrated scrap processing machines (press machines, scrap shears, new wide shears, shredders, plants and so now, we are challenging new phase.

We take responsibility for planning, drafting, production, and installation
Consultation and engineering of the recycle plant.

Recycling equipment, especially sorting machines has been developed and diversified every day, and new sorting methods have been established, thus it is more accurate and higher precision.

However, these are not universal so that the device will work properly if when its appropriate pre-treated material fed into it and installed proper order of the plant, but will bring the case of sorting disorder, breakdown if when it`s been used under insufficient condition.

Tezuka proposes the most suitable plant by our advanced skills through our experience of the construction of many sorting plants and high technology.

Maintenance of scrap processing machine

Due to the long life span of the scrap processing machine, the characteristics of the processing material and the environment, the occurrence of failures or troubles due to wear and tear, that is always next to each other.

Tezuka service technicians are professionals who have dealt with numerous equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Our technicians are able to perform appropriate repairs and replacements. They are well versed in mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems by checking and diagnosing.

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